public debate so far about the introduction of a federal racial vilification law has produced some truly amazing statements

does this mean the making of the law,


the implementation of the law?
It really depends on the actual context.

I understand the question is related to Australia, therefore I would say, the two possibilities are all valid.

The story can go like this: federal parliment had past the law, then one of the states decided to adopt the law. (Australian federal parliment has a rather limited power to make laws, and not all laws past in federal parliment will automatically be in force in every state. e.g. laws related to industrial relations) In this case, the introduction means implementation.

Or, it may mean the federal parliment has past the law, causing debate among the public.

Or, the bill is in the process of readings, and people are openly debate on issues related to the bill.

It refers to the passing of the law, the creation of the law, the making of the law.

What they are debating is 'Should we make this law?'

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