From the amount of work we do, to the difficulty of the class, etc.

Just wondering because my friends have given me mixed responses.

thank you
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I think the teacher would be the one to ask.
You haven't provided enough information to answer the question. For example, what level are you? High school? University? Have you checked the description in the university catalog of courses? What does Ap mean? Is Comp composition? Sounds like a writing course.
It may be difficult, but you should probably take the class. It may give you some pointers on how to provide relevant details in your communcation with others, for example, by taking the audience into account. Who knows? You may enjoy it. I'd say "Go for it!" Emotion: smile

Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.

Yes, it is High School
I just want to have a brief idea of what to expect going into it.
Every teacher uses a different approach, and those of us on the English Forums here really wouldn't be able to predict what approach your teacher will take.
As I advised above, your best bet is to ask the teacher! Emotion: smile