What meaning do the following lines convey?

I am like earthly life which begins at
The feet of the mad elements and ends
Under the upraised wings of death.

Song of the Rain by Kahlil Gibran

These are just a few lines of the poem, whose meaning I couldn't understand. Could you please help me? Thanks a lot.
This is poetic language. It means nothing if you are unwilling to feel the mood of the words.
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The poem is about rain, and everything is understandable except these three lines. I'm a native English speaker in the US, and these lines make absolutely no sense to me.

The explanation for this might be that Gibran wrote in English and Arabic - this poem apparently written in English - and his syntax might have gotten confused here, caught somewhere between the two languages. Or he might have been trying to say something profound here, but the words in English failed him. Or this might be an allusion from obscure Arabic literature or folklore, the sense of which eludes English speakers.
in my opinion, earthly life symbolizes rain because it is a life giver, wings of death refers to clouds. it means that the cycle of rain starts from the five elements. When vapors from water bodies form clouds, the clouds rain and so journey of the drops of water end under the clouds ( Under the upraised wings of death)
i guess this is the perfect meaning thanx a lot it helped me really very much
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The first line is a simile which means that all earthly life has a beginning and an end. The rain thinks of itself as a part of earthly life. It is born from the clouds with thunder and lightning, and these wild aspects of nature are referred to as 'mad elements'.

If I am not wrong, in Siberian mythology, the rainbow is symbolized as a vehicle which carries the human soul to the spirit of the sky, that is, death. The poem earlier mentions that the rainbow announces the departure of rain. So, the rain ends its life, that is, it departs, under the rainbow, the upraised wings of death.

Rain comes after a lot of unrest in nature . There is thunder , lightening, trees swing vigorously etc . This is just like what happens during the birth of a baby . But when it dies , it calmly seeps into the ground , fulfilling its purpose...Just like when a human dies after fulfilling their purpose of living .

The rain follows the cycle of life and death like an earthly life. It takes birth from many elements and dies under the wings of death
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Life of line is paralleled to human life cycle. What I could decipher from those line is that human life like rain is full of sound and fury. Thunder and lightening all symbolizes the worries, anxieties ,deleterious situations humans have to encounter in life .we , humans , are destined to taste all these bitter fruits of life and eventually attains nirvana ,as we die .The rainbow symbolizes the ultimate stage of life which attains enlightenment ..
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