When I want to ask about the genre of a specific movie, can I ask "what genre does it belong to?"?
Does that sound right?
Thank you!
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Yes, why not?
Or/and maybe: What kind of film is it? What category does it belong?
Yet "genre" seems mors savvy (and more precise) to me
Students of film like 'genre'.

It is often found in the company of black polo-necks.

Teachers: We supply a list of EFL job vacancies
Don't literature majors like the word too?

I know an English major who uses the word every day.

Emotion: smile
And sandals? Nice!
...an English major...

For one wild moment, I thought you meant 'as in "bristling moustaches and gummy eyes"'.

Settling down with a thick volume of Foucault.

It was a startling image.

Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
Thinking more of home grown yoghurt and knitted letils
Sorry, I don't understand. Why polo-neck? sandals? yoghurt? letils?
Hello Ahava

BrE students of film or literary theory traditionally wear black polo-necks. If after graduation they find work in the media or the Saussure/Roland Barthes industry, they are permitted to retain their polo-necks, but must also acquire large spectacles and a chrome briefcase.

Additionally, once a year, they will be required to give a presentation on Otto Preminger's handling of mise-en-scène in his 'middle period' (e.g. Anatomy of a Murder, Laura, River of No Return, etc).

Sandal-wearing BrE speakers, on the other hand, can often be seen shopping for yoghurt, lentils, soya flour, etc. Whether they then consume their purchases is unknown. I suspect not. (NB They are NOT required to give presentations on Otto Preminger.)

Abbie appears to have detected a hybrid form that wears both polo-necks and sandals.

I don't know what the shop assistants will make of it; but by God, it frightens me.

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