I am looking for a good grammar book, so I can refer to it whenever a question rises.

I am looking for something to use it as a reference book, I don't want to start reading it from the begining.

I have Practical English usage by Michel Swan and have taught several series of Grammar in use, but I don't see them as good sources for advanced English learners.

That would be kind of you to recommend me a good and complete Grammar book.

I use Practical English Usage a lot.

To level up, I suggest Leech & Svartvik's A Communicative Grammar of English. It is a handbook based on Quirk, Greenbaum, Leech & Svartvik's A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language. It is accurate, straightforward and user-friendly.

I do NOT suggest Carter & McCarthy's Cambridge Grammar of English. They are very respected authors, but it is difficult or impossible to find what you are looking for in that book.
Thank you very much for your suggestion.