What happened to "Chef"? The last episode I've watched is the one about the wife leaving the chef. Are there any more episodes after that?

Also, what happened to the mystery series "Second Sight" (the one about a detective losing his sight)? Are there only 4 stories in the series?

Thanks a bunch.

'Chef' was cancelled after it's 3rd Series in December 1996. I have put the list of episodes and airing dates below. The last episode you saw was No.15 (Season 3 Episode 1), so I would guess you still have the remainder of series 3 to watch.

Season 1
1. 1-1 28-Jan-1993 Personnel
2. 1-2 04-Feb-1993 Beyond the Pass
3. 1-3 11-Feb-1993 Subject to Contract
4. 1-4 25-Feb-1993 The Big Cheese
5. 1-5 04-Mar-1993 Fame is the Spur
6. 1-6 11-Mar-1993 Rice and Peas

S-1 24-Dec-1993 A Bird in the Hand

Season 2
8. 2-1 08-Sep-1994 A River Runs Thru It
9. 2-2 15-Sep-1994 Time Flies
10. 2-3 22-Sep-1994 Do the Right Thing
11. 2-4 29-Sep-1994 A Diploma of Miseries
12. 2-5 13-Oct-1994 Masterchef
13. 2-6 20-Oct-1994 Private Lives
14. 2-7 27-Oct-1994 England Expects

Season 3
15. 3-1 25-Nov-1996 When Janice Left Gareth
16. 3-2 02-Dec-1996 The Owner's Daughter
17. 3-3 09-Dec-1996 Divorce?
18. 3-4 16-Dec-1996 Gareth's Father
19. 3-5 23-Dec-1996 Rochelle
20. 3-6 30-Dec-1996 Paris or Jamaica?

With regards to 'Second Sight,' there were actually 5 programmes, however the first episode was a 2 part pilot so you may be correct in assuming there were only 4 stories in the series. Again, episodes detailed below:

P-1 09-Jan-2000 Second Sight (1)
P-2 16-Jan-2000 Second Sight (2)

Season 2
3. 2-1 22-Jan-2001 Hide and Seek
4. 2-2 29-Jan-2001 Parasomnia
5. 2-3 05-Feb-2001 Kingdom of the Blind

Hope that helps!

Thank you, rwiles!