hello everybody
everone see what americans do in iraq everyday , i need your opinion about this crisis, are you agree with americans exsit or disagree and why?
share your opinion

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Dear Strawberry1983

I do not know very much about the crisis in Iraq. I have read about it in the newspapers but I do not have an opinion. I look forward to reading the comments of other people. Thank you for asking.

Have a nice weekend.
Maybe it is just political action----declaring war on another country, is not for peace or punishment, but for power and money.
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Let us hope the Iraqis manage to run their country in peace and prosperity. Too many factions fighting eachother. The Iraqis have asked for help untill they can manage their own affairs. I hope this happens soon.
I think the USA failed in Iraq. It invaded Iraq to make people free and protect them from Saddam. However the USA hasn't been able to do anything against some ethnical terrorist groups. A lot of civil people including children and women died and continuing to dying. Now it's obvious that USA invaded Iraq only for fuel.

Although PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party, which is a terrorist group aiming to invade Turkish southeastern anatolia region and establish a Kurdish government there) is on the terrorist list of the USA, they don't do anything to dissolve it.
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I believe the U.S. is doing what would've had to have been done eventually. They're working on what else needs to be done (removing the ethnical terrorist groups) It's just that nothing happens overnight and, yes, they have failed in some scenarios. I think they'll overcome it, though. I support the Americans.

And we have to consider the fact that there are a lot more people dying in the country comparing to when Saddam was in power. And this rate of terrorist attacks, kidnapping,.. won't be reduced unless the US withdraw from the Iraq's soil.

I want to say that i object killing people without strong reason and if Saddam and his leaders made any mistake i agree that they must took their punishment ; but his people dont have any guilt .

Everyday , i hear in the television that at least 10 people dies in Iraq , but i ask myself what is their fault , they didnt do anything , so why they must be killed without reason ?!

I donnont know if you agree with me or not ?

I just said my own opinion

Thank you all

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