I am an Algerian man, who is thirty nine years old. Because I arrive at a conclusion, locate between my Marxist education and the exceptional extend which is getting the spirituality in the beginning of our millennium. For this, I want, if you allow that, to talk about this philosophical topic which takes me, a lot, at heart: Who is the God or we can tell what the God is? Is it only a though without other origin whom the brain human specie or is it, like mystics define him generally: absolutely all, the totality and nothing exist out side him. However, these two views of the world, which we are, are not the same? Effectively, in the first one, defended by atheists who not deny that that human specie comes from others parts of the nature (for example comes from monkey as well as comes from vegetal or mineral), that is a synthesis and take part, it-self, in the birth of a thing which shall be exist . The other explanation of this world, we are living in, say that the god is the origin of all things which exist around us. Can't we to tell which god give the life to the human in occurrence to Adam across an infinity of changes and that this human understand it and decide to pray what he admit is a magnificence. Mystics tell that we are the god and we created our self. Thank you,.
Saddek Salhi
Marx created a pretty materialistic theory of the development of civilization. What don't you like in it?

Do you think God exists? Does the negation of God create any troubles?
I have a funny story about your subject. When I was a teacher in a continual education center for adult. A rural women wide open her eyes asked me after my first lesson of Marxist phylosophy: So, our ancesters were monkeys? I was very embarassed: No, they were homo sabiens and gradually changed to human beings.The woman who had just known to write and read, didn't say any words, she left her notebook on her bed and thought over what I have said. She used to be in diet and burned censers at the full moon night to her ancesters.It's difficult to change a conception that exists for a long time. All thing around us seems to force us to answer your question.For the students of theology,a lot of professors at our university couldn't answer their question: Which exists first? the egg or the hen? At last , a wise professor told us: "You are in this side and you ask about the other. Why do you always ask who creates it and don't ask the contrary?With your question ,we have not only a year to discuss but you know there has been a long debate for centuries among the philosophers ..".