What is there so much immoral in nudity and sex that children are not let to watch them? One way or another they are going to experience them once they become adults. How can sex and nudity affect children? If a certain movie contains violence, nudity, or vulgar language then it is given the rating of PG-13 or R etc. As far as violence and vulgar language are concerned I can understand why children shouldn't be exposed to such an atmosphere. If children watch violence, perhaps, they can like it or they can become scared. Both of these things can have bad psychological effects. If they like it then they would like to be violent in their real lives it will affect them in dangerous ways and perhaps they will end up becoming bandits or smugglers. Above all they will be dangerous for their society. There are a lot of other reasons. The form of language used by a certain group reflects its class. If you swear like a sailor then it will be assumed that you have no education, you belong to a bad group, you were grown up in bad atmosphere, and your parents didn't care to teach you anything. Children shouldn't be exposed to vulgar language because they can start using it in their personal lives which will reflect poor class which their parents will never like.

But how would you justify that sex and nudity can have bad effects on children? There will come a age when they will start experiencing these things in their heads anyway. But when they haven't reach that age and they have no feeling in their minds then this doesn't matter if they watch someone nude.

I'm also of the opinion of not letting children to experience such things but I want to know the reasons for this. Is this a taboo in our societies? Please support your arguments with sound reasoning and logic. Thank you.
Sex on the internet and TV is often presented just in "porno" way. And believe me it matters when children watch it. Then it is hard to face the reality because TV sex is not a REAL sex. There is the secrete of intimate life which is important to find out by teenagers themselves. Children are children because they play they are moms and daddys, and moms cook and care for babies and daddys earn money - nothing more. They can see love in the pure way of hug or kiss. Growing up, teenagers can funderstand psychical and physical love by themselves. But when they are exposed just to the "pure sex" ifrom the childhood they can not understand what is really going on. But I do not think it is a taboo in our society, but it should be. There is a right time for everything in our lives, and in childhood there is definitely not time on the first information about sex. I consider this enough logic. Do not you?
Hey Jackson,

Do you have children?
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I cannot support my views with sound reasoning, I can only tell you about the situation in Finland. Nudity is not avoided on television at all; in fact I don't think many people pay any attention to it. There is frontal nudity even on prime-time television news if the news requires or justifies it. Those who choose the material to be aired probably don't think very much about it. Finnish children see their parents naked in the sauna on a regular basis and nobody thinks this has a negative effect on the children.
However, pornography is frowned upon and sex in films are not recommended for children. As I am not a psychologist, I can't give you the reasons. As for adults, anybody can buy all the pornography he/she wants but I don't think there is very much demand for it. This may be because Finnish society is rather permissive with regard to such matters. I have noticed on my travels that the demand for pornographic material is greatest in countries where such material is hard to come by.
There were a couple of cinemas that seemed to specialize in showing sex films in Helsinki in the early sixties but they changed their films as their customers dwindled. Now there isn't a single sex cinema in Helsinki, nor is there a red-light district. Some tourists are disappointed at that.Emotion: smile They come here with great expectations and find it difficult to find even topless girls on the beaches. I try to comfort them by saying that they are late: there used to be more topless ladies on the beaches in the 80s. (I am off topic now, aren't I? Emotion: wink)
I read recently that mother shouldn’t take off her dress in front of her children; because this could arouse their sexual feeling. Children is not allowed to watch or exposed to nudity, sex and violence pictures because it will have a major effect on their psychological condition. When I was young, my father didn’t allow us to watch news on TV with him especially when they viewed bad pictures of violence acts. From this point of view, I would like to illustrate a story which I read before that happened on the first day of Eid Al Adha, it is also called the Festival of Sacrifice which we sacrifice our best domestic animal in the name of Allah; it was about one family, while a father preparing to sacrifice a sheep, his children whose age between 3-5 witnessed the scene of how their father doing this, then a 5 years old child told to his 3 years old brother to imitate exactly what was their father done. After that, the mother heard a scream from a kitchen while she was washing her baby, she went out to check out what happened and she forgot her baby in the water who was died from drowning. Could you imagine that instead of feeling happiness on this day, it turned to a miserable sadness day that all their children died on the same day?! The problem is not to give permission for children to see nasty things but in how is their response and would they get the message correctly e.g. I’m now not a children and I know when I’ll see someone telling bad words, this is wrong and I’ll not do it, if I’ll watch on TV or any media that the person cheating on his wife, I’ll know this is not right etc. in other words, the children wouldn’t know this until an adult will guide them. In addition, my religion exhorted us to look away from nudity and sex; I mean to keep our eyes away from watching unmoral pictures and actions. Until now, since when I was young, my family taught me to keep my eyes down if immoral pictures displayed on TV or to change the channel.

About your question “But how would you justify that sex and nudity can have bad effects on children?” I remembered when I watch a film and suddenly there is a scene of sex even if I before keeping my eyes down, I could feel what is going on, it’s not about bad effect but if you’re not married yet, you couldn’t forget about this. Back to the children, if they watched this, they will keep asking why the man did this or why the woman did this etc, and you’ll feel shy to answer them, sometimes some parent will say don’t ask, don’t see, you’re young you shouldn’t know etc.
Jackson6612But how would you justify that sex and nudity can have bad effects on children? There will come a age when they will start experiencing these things in their heads anyway. But when they haven't reach that age and they have no feeling in their minds then this doesn't matter if they watch someone nude.

The matter is, the sooner they watch it, the sooner they want to do it once puberty hits. Do you support teen pregnancy?

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