There is one person who made me want to write these words, and to say what is a friend to me.
A friend is companion, who is shares the changing years,
A Shoulder you can lean on,
A kiss to dry your tears, a helping hand when the things
Go wrong,
As sometimes they must do,
A wish at fixing the broken things,
A hug when you are blue.
The friend….
Who is ever by your said?
And always on your team
The pat most fun to be with,
The partner to your dreams.
The friend is.
The one you love from whom you will never part
The dearest person in your life, the nearest to your heart,
The friend is you…
My dear Sun lover
I want to be your friend, would you like to be mine?
yes , sure majEmotion: smile am male - from kuwait - 16 years old
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a friend in need is a friend in deed!