What is a happy family?

Some say a happy family is that family members stay together for quality time and they have a big, extended family. Some say a happy family is that the couple can have intimate communication and they have no connection with social status. In a word, happiness is not based on material wealth.

What kind of family is a happy family? What is an unhappy one?
Here is a quote from Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy,
"All happy families resemble one another, every unhappy family is unhappy in its own fashion."
What is your idea of a happy family?
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Togetherness and strong bonds between all family members. Quality time spent together every so often is essential. Good communication (goes hand in hand with strong bonds). Mutual Respect. To me all these things together will keep a family happy.
Having fun together is also important, there is nothing like a good laugh. However, being there for them when they need you, at difficult times is what strengthens this bonds.
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the happy family means the son and daughter filial,the mother and father healthy.the career is success.

titans the happy family means the son and daughter filial,the mother and father healthy.the career is success. -----------Chinastray

the happy family means the son and daughter filial,the mother and father healthy.the career is success.


if that is what you say, I have a wonder, it's only me and my mother. The two of us and that's the way it has always been. What doesn't make us a family? And what exactly does a dad do? I'm genuinely curious as I've never had one.

- Ciel Kirkland
a happy family means a good relationship towards God and humanity, if God is the center of their lives everything will follow...such as the fruit of the Holy spirit....
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Happy family is a myth... at some point of life reality reveals and that's "THE END"
Happy families are members, related by blood or by choice, that freely give and receive love in healthy ways. Children and family members are acknowledged and rewarded for the good actions, thinking and behavior that they exhibit. Each family member that exhibits good actions is celebrated while they are alive. After their death, any good words or memories brought forward do the dead one no good. The focus, within the family, is on the positive actions of each member. This pattern is one that MUST and SHOULD be put into place the moment a child is brought into the world or into the family. Poor choices and bad behavior from family members ARE NOT TO BE IGNORED. However, they MUST BE dealt with in a loving, non-critical and corrective manner. It is IMPERATIVE, that all people realize that relationships are two sided. It's a give and take relationship when there are two or more people interacting. Without these patterns of behavior, you will create and endure much suffering. I KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE. I'm a survivor of an abusive family history. At least one hundred years of abuse and neglect within my blood family. I'm not only a survivor, I HAVE OVERCOME AND STOPPED THE ABUSE within my life and my actions. Still fighting to lead the rest of my family out of the suffering, abuse and neglect that they have created. I'll take any prayers I can get. They are blind, deaf and dumb to what they've created. Young relatives ending up in prison. One family member in critical care unit of hospital. Young children acting out and still suffering; unheard.
a happy family is a family that have faith in each other love each other more then any thing do anything for each other for good reasons kind and supporting to each other and never put each other dreams down
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