Something that I stumbled across on the net.
It would be interesting to hear everyone's opinion about What is a Man? (especially the female's point of view).


"What is that, mother?"

"It's a man, darling."

"What's a man?"


A self balancing, 28-jointed adapter-base biped; and electrochemical reduction-plant, integral with segregated stowages of special energy extracts in storage batteries, for subsequent actuation of thousands of hydraulic and pneumatic pumps, with motors attached; 62,000 miles of capillaries; millions of warning signal, railroad and conveyor systems; crushers and cranes (of which the arms are magnificent 23-jointed affairs with self-surfacing and lubricating systems, and a universally distributed telephone system needing no service for 70 years if well managed); the whole, extraordinarily complex mechanism guided with exquisite precision from a turret in which are located telescopic and microscopic self-registering and recording range finders, a spectroscope, et cetera, the turret control being closely allied with an air conditioning intake and exhaust, and a main fuel intake... ...

The original is in Chapter 4 ("The Phantom Captain") of his book "Nine Chains to the Moon".
Taken in full, it fills a page; that was the first of the three paragraphs.
....for me it's simpler. A man is a human but I have no idea what is a human, what kind of caprice of whom or what we are.
I was so easy today and W had to come with one of his questions, what is a man? Emotion: smile
I adhere to H's answer in another thread, we are a soul, we have a body.
The direct complement of a woman. Emotion: rolleyes
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A man.....are you talking about 'a man' as human being?
Or, not the females but the males?

If you are talking about the latter.....
For me, 'a man' is a person who can easily tell where he is soon after he see a map only for a few seconds!!
(The females are not good at it.)