I've found this word in a text dealing with the Celts. More or less, it talks about dolmens and ring fots scattered in a certain place. I hoped to find a photograph of such a thing in Google, but I haven't.
Presumably it is a typo for "ring fort".
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Oh, thanks! [Y] I'm translating a text full of typos (I can spot most, but for a couple of them I had to ask for help here). I thought this wasn't one, though (it seemed a very specific word).

A bit off topic, but since I posted this message I've found another possible typo, and if it's so, I don't think it deserves a thread of its own (who's ever going to be interested in it?). Is there any kind of boat whose name is similar to crah? Into context, it looks something more like a cockleshell than like a big ship.
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Thanks a lot, Mister Micawber! I am sure that's exactly what is meant (the Wikipedia says a currach is an Irish boat, and all the text I'm translating deals with the Irish). However, it doesn't look as a typo, does it? It's too different. It may be an alternative spelling, perhaps closer to the pronunciation of the word.

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