what is fond regards? same as best regards?
"Fond regards" implies that you know the person well, and like them very much. It is not appropriate for formal letters.

In England, we might say "she is very fond of horses"; we actually mean she adores horses!

When writing to people we know well, such as family, we often sign our letters "love from ....."

You could send "fond regards" to someone you know well, but not quite well enough to say "love from..".

Hope this helps
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Fond regards means that you like the person and wish to fondle them if you had the chance.
No it doesn't mean you want to fondle them!

It just means a rather more friendly version of kind regards. You would only use it with people you knew but not people you had an intimate sort of relationship with, so not best friends or family, more old school friend you haven't heard from for years but used to be close to, you have fond memories of them.
anonymous and nona the brit.... those were lovely answers. Cleared my dilemma.

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Couldn't one sign fond regards to a person you were intimate with but not anymore?
Interesting that, I have just done the very same thing with an ex. girlfriend.

What would my current girlfriend make of it if she read it though - she might read a little too much warmth in 'fond regards".

Might be better to use "all the best", or "take care" instead.

(Alternatively, if you want to inject even more warmth, just use "fondly,")
With Fondest Regards
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Who, for example, are you writing to?

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