I went along to a philosophy cafe' last week and this was the question being discussed. I was surprised at the variety of responses because I thought that everyone's views would be similar. Not so, and we were all living in the same culture. So I thought answers from here should be even more interesting.
What is freedom ?

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The ability to be the decision-maker on your own fate ?
So mostly freedom of CHOICE...
Absence of concern, perhaps.
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F - from Foes

R - the Right to express ourselves

E - from Economy decline

E - in Exchange

D - from Death

O - from Oppression

M - from Maladies

First, let's make clear that total freedom for everyone leads to pandemonium and anarchy.
The reason for this is that rights clash.
That's why all freedom must be a restricted one in one way or another.
For example: Freedom of speech, cannot include freedom to ignore a fair justice system and incite to riot or to interfere with a neighbor's right to sleep or his right to have a good reputation if he deserves one.
I always think it's funny because to 'protect' freedom we need some (hmm...sometimes, a lot of) regulations.

For example, freedom of speech is a basic right, but the 'right' is strictly controlled by rules and regulations in fact.

Theoretically, should freedom have a right to be free from everything? ...but if so, it will just cause a lot of troubles....
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Freedom can be the state when we are able to do what we want to and when we are not forced to do what we don't want to.
I just in recent times realised for my self that, freedom is a feeling that is better to experience rather than look for definitions for, like I say it about LOVE all the time. Emotion: smile

PS. Greetings, fellows! Emotion: smile
I tend to agree with you Insider,
I think freedom is more about how a person feels, than circumstances.
I was listening to someone who said that she does not have freedom when she drives her car because of the rules she has to follow. However I feel freedom when driving a car because of those same rules. The road rules enable me to drive where I want in reletive safety. That safety would not be there without the rules. We both have the same restrictions when we drive. The difference is attitude.
I once read a biography of a man who was in a terrible prison in a communist country. He experienced what he felt as freedom there because his mind was free to pray. Because his job was shoveling human excrement no one came anywhere near him, so he says he experienced the freedom and joy of being able to pray out loud and loudly.
I think freedom does not depend on our environment, but our attitude.

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