Dear teachers,

Hello, it's me again. I got confused again when I heard this question. What kind of question is this? Because I always follow the general form of question. (WH + HV + S + V) eg. What does he like?

Pls. correct my explanation:

a. Because sometimes the form could be like this WH + be + S + adj/noun/pronoun/ adv

b. "like' is an adjective in that sentence.

A: What is he like?
B: He's smart.

Thanks in advance!
a. WH + be + S + preposition (Idiomatic for 'like')

b. "like' is a preposition in that sentence.

A: What is he like?

B1: He is like an animal.

B2: He is vicious.
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Thank you MM!

Is this possible?

A: What is he like?

B: He is very handsome.
Yes, possible, but not very insightful; that is more an answer to 'What does he look like?'. 'What is he like?' is asking after character and personality.
Thanks I understand now.

Thanks again MM
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