I'm reading a story here(https://www.wattpad.com/538178092-total-drama-island-dodgebrawl/page/2)

Just when I thought I would die, Courtney yelled at me to get onto the court. I didn't want to hear her yell any longer than she already was so I didn't bother arguing. Making my way onto the court I was passed a ball by DJ.

I have no idea what it means...

Thank you


It's from a blog on the game "dodgeball."
This is a popular game with little kids, but now it's played by adults.


In this story, it is a game being played by a bunch of people. It is played on a court.
DJ is the name of one of the players.

The narrator is coming onto the court.

DJ gave the narrator a ball.


They are playing dodgeball. DJ threw a ball to her, probably on the bounce, but that throw was not part of play. He just provided her with the ball.

By the way, you are reading unedited stuff.

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