My mind is free.
My body is breathing
In the land of living
My soul is tamed.
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Human? (z) Human in love? (l)
Wow, you almost got it right: Love Actually.
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Pretty simple. If a woman says something hard to digest, it must be about loveEmotion: smile
How do you mean?
Sorry maj, I discovered I am not in the mood to discuss what women think, say and mean. Love is all you need. She loves you yeah yeah yeah. The love you take is equal to the love you make. Anything.

OUT OF SERVICE Emotion: ick!
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Br are you a guy, then? Emotion: surprise
Emotion: indifferent Do I sound like a woman? I am male. I am sure. I am.
An out of service one? LOL haha. I am just kidding. Revenge sweet revenge. You know that reading about Msater, doplima, doesn't work. It's blocked!!!
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