What is it called that thing the dentist puts you in the tooth to make them.."perfect"? Brackets?

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Hey there,
I think it's "braces" in American English, maybe in British English it's just "brace" (singular) but I'm not 100% sure. Emotion: smile

Is that "un aparato dental, corrector de los dientes"? Emotion: stick out tongue You know what? Spanish sounds cool...
KooyeenHey there,
I think it's "braces" in American English, Correct.

I was fifty years old when I got mine, wore them for 32 months. My teeth look great now (I wish the rest of me did).
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I was fifty years old when I got mine

And here's what the OALD says about braces: Emotion: smile

a metal device that CHILDREN wear inside the mouth to help their teeth grow straight
Thanks for helping me!:)

Kooyeen, you are right, it's "aparato dental" Emotion: wink but if you just say "aparato" people will understand you aswell!;). Italian sounds cool too!;)

..Emotion: sad I am going to wear them aswell..I want them to be as perfect as yours, Philip!:D

By the way, is it called "dentist" the one who works on those things? In Spanish there is another way to call..

Thanks for you help once more!:D
An orthodontist?
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An orthodontist? I looked it up in my dict but I couldn't find it! In Spanish it's "ortodoncista":). Maybe they forgot to write that word in the dict..Emotion: stick out tongue

Thanks NewPhilologist!
In the UK, that style is also called braces or train-tracks.

The old-fashioned single wire style is usually called a brace - I think it's called a retainer in the US?

Your dentist does the regular check-ups on your teeth, and any work like fillings. The orthodontist fits braces and works on the cosmetic aspects of teeth. The dental hygenist does scraping and polishing.

By the way, braces is also the BrE word for the straps of elastic that go over the shoulders to hold old men's trousers up.
Yes, orthodonists do the braces. You've got it!
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