One result of mysterious nature of Love is that no onwe ever has, to our knowledge, arrived at a very satisfactory definition of Love. In an effort to understand Love, therfore, Love has been divided in to various categories: eros, philia, agape: perfect love and imperfect Love and so on. Let us presume a single definition of it. Again with the awareness that it is likely to be inadequate in some way or the other.The will to extend one's self for the purpose of nurturing one's own or spritual growth.
At the outset , I will like to comment that this is purely Teological definition; the behaviour is defined in terms goal or the purpose it serves
People are generally confused to as to nature of Love. For instance, a timid young man my say" My Mother Loved me so much , she would not let me take the school bus to school until my senior year in high school. Even then I had to beg to her to allow me to go on my own. I guess she was afraid of me getting hurt. So she drove me to scholl everyday, which was very hard on her."
In treating this patient out of his timidity it will be important to teach him that his mother might have been motivated by something other than Love, and that what seems to be Love is often not Love at all.
It may be noticed that, as defined, love is a strangely circular process. For the process of extending one's self is an evolutionary process. Thus the act of Loving is the act of self-evolution even when the purpose of the act is someone else's growth. It also involves self-love since if we are human then the act to loving human is to Love myself aswell. To be dedicated to our own development as well as other's development. Indeed we are incapable to Love others if we do not Love ourselves, just as we are incpable to teach our children self-discipline unless we ourselves are self-discipline. We can not be a source of strenght unless we nurture our own strenght.
The act of extending one's limits implies efforts. Love is not effortless, contrary to this it is effortful. Desire to Love is not itself Love. Love is an act of will- both intention and action.Desire is not neccessarily action, Will is desire of sufficient intensity that is translated in to action. Will also implies choice. We do not have to Love , we choose to Love.
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I have even heard some people panick at the thought of feeling this kind of love, of extending one's self, to the desire itself, of choosing to love.
Love is the unconditional willingness to devote ones self to another against all odds and obstacles. I hope this definition is short enough for Webster.
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What you describe Job, is that the love parents have for their children or is it also the love between two people?

What if two people break up or parents are forced to break with their childeren, wasn't there (any) love at the time they were happely together? Because you said: Love is the unconditional willingness to devote ones self to another against all ods and obstacles.
It's difficult to definite love ? U see.
Love the country, love mum or dad, love the life, ect.
But love is sth we can't live without it. It's the feeling peole have to live in this world. Imagine how to live without LOVE . It's nonsense.
Here is something more.
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Of all the misconception about Love the most potent one is about "Falling in Love".
When you you say I am falling in Love, we certainly mean- "I love him" or "I love her". But two problems are imidiately visible. The first is that the experience of falling in Love is specifically a sex-linked erotic experience. We do not fall in Love in with our children even though we may LOve them very deeply. We do not fall in Love with friends of same sex , untill we are homosexually oriented- even though we may care for them greatly. we fall in Love only we are consciously or unconsciously sexually motivated.
The second problem is that this experience of falling in Love is invariably temproary. No matter whom we fall in Love with, we sooner or later fall out of Love if the relationship continues long enough. This , however, does not mean we cease to Love that person.
If falling in Love is not Love, then what is it other than temporary and partial collaspe of ego boundaries? I do not know. But the sexual specificity of the phenomenon leads me to suspect that it is a genetically determined instinctual component of mating behaviour. In other words, the temporary collaspe of our ego boundaries that constitutes falling in Love is a stereotypic response of human beings to a configuration of internal sexual drives and external sexual stimuli.
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wow........., what definition. you make 'love' seem to difficult to understand and made every body who read it afraid to tried. Emotion: rolleyes
but we realized that 'LOVE' not just four alfhabets without meaningless.
it's too misterious, complicated, confuse, end more.... more... more.... word can't said . Emotion: stick out tongue
walk it trough, make it in your experience of life that made your grown up
cause like people always said for long....long...long... time ago


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What about needing someone so much that you don't think you could survive without them? Is that love or a kind of illness?
Depend about what you feel about this person.
so tell me, just curious...... may be i can tell you if it's love or illness.
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