that's the question, i thing people use this word for many subjects. In relation to inmigration that is exactly mean?

Thanks a lot
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Can we have a little more context? American immigration? Another country?
Well, to go overseas means to travel to another country crossing water. Occasionally it can just mean to travel to another country. With regards to immigration, it most likely just a fancy word for going to another country. So someone from France going to Germany would be going "overseas".
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Hi guys,

It sounds very, very odd to me to speak of someone going overseas if they do not cross an ocean. I'd consider it wrong.

Best wishes, Clive
what it meanse in commerce finance ?
It refers to what is happening in the financial markets in other countries.
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Hi GG,

I still think of this use of 'overseas' as peculiarly American.

I'm sure it arises from the fact that most countries are in fact overseas from the USA.

But here in Canada, it still sounds odd every time I hear us spoken of as 'overseas'. Possibly Mexicans have the same reaction.

Clive [:^)]
As much as I love my neighbors to the north, I think when the finance report is on and they talk about "overseas markets" they are not talking about what happened in Canada, but the Hong Kong, Japanese, London, German, etc. markets.

It would sound odd (but not impossible) to call you "overseas" but then, those Great Lakes are pretty big!

Well, we are your biggest trading partner.

But really, I wasn't thinking specifically of financial markets.

On a Canadian phone-in show a little while ago, I heard someone in Kentucky say to the Canadian interviewer, '. . . You folks overseas . . . '.

Still, maybe that wasn't typical. Emotion: smile

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