What is RSS?

Subscribing to RSS feeds is exactly like subscribing to a magazine or newspaper that gets delivered to your home. You don't have to spend time checking your favourite websites for new content; the websites themselves will inform you of updates sending a summary to your RSS reader. That summary is usually named "RSS feeds".

What is an RSS reader?

An RSS reader has the same functions as your e-mail mailbox - it brings you your subscribed feeds to where you set it up; such as your desktop, web browser or mobile device.

  - Desktop-based RSS readers are downloadable software which is installed on your computer. Some internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer 7 and Mozilla Firefox, already have built-in RSS readers.
  - Web-based readers don't have to be installed on your computer, and they can be used whenever an internet connection is available. Along with commercial web-based readers, there are good free ones. The most popular are provided by Google and Yahoo
  - Mobile-device-based RSS readers are installed on your cell phone. They allow you to download RSS feeds directly into your cell phone.

What RSS feeds will I get from English Forums?

With English Forums, you will receive RSS feeds only when a new thread is posted. It will not include replies to existing threads, comments on walls, pictures, etc. 

See also the YouTube video, RSS in Plain English .

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