Normally I avoid these sites, fearful of what I might see written about me. Today, however, calls for an exception, and I find myself clicking through website after website. Nearly all of them have mentions of Lisa’s suicide. Like the article in the Times, there’s little to no new information. Most of them stress the irony of a world-famous survivor being responsible for her own death. One even has the gall to suggest other Final Girls could follow suit.

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i tried but could not match the appropriate meaning. please help me

Try a different dictionary - there are many on the list!


1. UNCOUNTABLE NOUN If you say that someone has the gall to do something, you are criticizing them for behaving in a rude or disrespectful way.


I was waiting in line for an hour to buy a ticket, and this guy had the gall to barge in line ahead of me and everyone else!

Yesterday, Mike called me bad names in front of my girlfriend. He was very abusive and insulting. Today he had the gall to ask me to give him some money to buy a hamburger.