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I agree with you and Pienne. The opposite of committing a sin is doing good deeds because I looked up in the dictionary then I found the meaning of commit a sin is do wrong. So do right, do deeds ,do an act of kindness are its opposite.However, I recognized your scoff of learning the language is very graceful, It makes people remember all her life.. Moreover, in some contexts committing a sin is an act which is opposite to a default, a mistake. For catholics, people are sinners at born, so they should be baptised., they go to church, recite prayers, pray for sinners or wait God's jugement. For Budhaists, they go to the temple, burn incense, and be diet,. Further more, both catholics and budhaists used to live an eternal life. In the respect of law, when we commit a sin, we have to be punished by penalty or capital punishment. For benevolence, we make many charitable benefactions, raise money for charity or make a sacrifice. when you look inside, you need to ask someone to forgive your sin or you feel sorry for your sin or repent of your sin..To sum up, to be baptised, to be punished penalty or capital punishment, re-educated, recite prayers, pray for sinners, wait God's jugement, live an eternal life, raise money for charity, ask someone to forgive one's sin, feel sorry one's sin, repent one's sin , go to church, temple, recite prayers, pray for sinners, burn incense and be diet. All of them are hues of the opposite of committing a sin.

Phuong ninh
What about righteousness?
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Righteousness is the opposite of sin in some contexts such as you shouldn't cheat, copy your neighbors' task. Sometimes, in your real life , you are not righteousness but you don't commit a sin. For example: In the novel "the miserable" written by Victor Hugo, The Father told to the Police : "He goes to that way" .He was not righteous but he didn't commit a sin. Or the doctor doesn't tell the truth to the patient, she does not commit a sin

Phuong Ninh
The word Benevolence, I suggest, can be viewed as oppsite of the word Sin. Sin is a wrong deed, committed for perceived personal gain while an act of benevolence is a good deed, aimed at helping others without expecting any return.
The Three Theological Virtues + the Four Cardinal Virtues (Faith, Hope, Charity, Fortitude, Justice, Temperance, Prudence) are sometimes opposed to the Seven Deadly Sins (as are the Seven Capital Virtues, which are the direct opposite of the 7 DS).

You maintain a virtue by "not committing a sin", perhaps.

On the other hand, you can commit the Seven Acts of Charity.

(It's at times like this that I feel we need an inhouse padre.)

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A benedict? (Sorry, Benedict.)
hey guys

i only know it in kannada a local language in India (Karnataka)

Sin = Paapa (kannada)

**** (opposite of Sin) = Punya (kannada)= good deed in English

Hugs from KotDemon
(It seems entirely appropriate that the inbuilt censor has asterisked out the "opposite of sin".)
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I think , it's a good deed ..
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