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Do I dare suggest that for the purpose of this discussion we should look at the original definition of the now religiously charged word [sin]? Sin - missing the mark, shotting off target, shortcoming, and etc... all in that vein.

Taking the previous definition into account, it seems to me that an antonym for the word sin should logically be perfection (or godliness). But committing perfection or godliness does not work either... Oh well, I did all I could. Emotion: smile

I hope that added something meaningful to the discussion,


I do not know about dictionary but, There is two words I know Paap = Sin and Punya = all the good things you.

Just like Paap, you can also commit Punya by helping out others in Need.

When you balance your book.

Punya has to be greater then Paap to go to heaven.

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with geting help from other posts , I wuld say closest is a "garacefull act" or az one of the post sugested a good deed
Sin does not have an antonym. There are many words like this in English. The best way to think of it is to compare sin to other nouns that are grammatically similar such as crime, murder, robbery, forgery, etc. You can commit a crime, but the opposite is ... ? Nothing, there is no opposite. Even if you describe a person as performing good deeds, that does not necessarily mean that they are not sinning as well. Also, "commit" has a negative connotation. You can commit a sin or a crime, but you would never "commit" a good deed.
"State of Grace", Anon?

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MrPedantic"State of Grace", Anon?


I am no theologian, but isn't grace a prescription for sin, i.e. one who is sinless would not need grace? I would say that "state of grace" is the antonym of "lost" (theological sense) but both states hypothetically result from the prior commission of a sin. A sin is an act, not a condition. Forgive me, I am reaching back deep into my memory hole, so this may not make much sense.
nearest antonym of 'sin' is 'benefactum'(Latin) or 'benefaction' meaning "act of good will".

~benefactor :-)
well, could it be virtue, perhaps? no?
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