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Violentmay be is COS in math
no, in maths the opposite is -sinx = sin(-x)
cosx = sin(x+π/2)≠ sin(-x)

sin = to commit an offence or an act of commiting an offence
antonym of sin = not to commit an offence or an act of not commiting an offence.

And not to commit a sin does not mean you commit something good.
If you do not kill your mother-in-law, you do not transgress any law, but then, is it a good deed? In a way it is, but for me to do a good deed means you put in effort to achieve sg (bring peace to the world, work as a volunteer, go to church, etc.)

Is there any word for
not to commit an offence or the act of not commiting an offence?
Maybe, to abide by the laws, or an instance of obedience, respectively
sin, innocence
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The opposite of sin? I think this would depend on one's religius views. In mainstream Christian philosophy, sin is believed to be any action, thought, or otherwise, that is against the will of God. If that is the case, then any action, thought, or otherwise that is not against the will of God would be the opposite of sin. Since the meaning of "good deed" is generally thought of as overt, in contrast with normal activity, I think it less explemplifies the opposite of sin as much as the presence of virtue. To put it another way, a good deed doesn't normally include self-contained actions or thoughts, both of which could easily involve sin by the definitions of mainstream Christianity. In that light, "Godly" would perhaps be the best suited opposite of "sinful," which would, in turn, make God the opposite of sin. Again, however, I think it depends almost entirely on one's religious views.
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bad deed -- doing the done thing (you behave the way others expect you to do) -- good deed
This is a very good question. I am translating a theological book from Turkish into Dutch! Ann I am facing now the same problem. In the Turkish language you have the word 'sevap' as an exact opposite of the word sin. It remains a challange.
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SelecterI think that the opposite of sin could be goodness but this subject is religious matter. So some might say that the antonym of sin is humility to god

Ponder this.

In the three Abrahamic religions, the first sin, exemplified by Eve's tasting of the fruit from the forbidden tree, was in not obeying God. For now, forget looking for a definition of the word "sin". The first sin was turning against God.

It is my understanding that the word "Islam" means "submission to the will of Allah". I invite you all to draw your own conclusions. I have not necessarily drawn my own conclusion, but this bit of information helps me understand the concept of "sin" and its opposite.
Opposite of sin is Tere Bin in Hindu Mythology.
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Nice try you are correct sinless but us Christians call Him Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. You know the son and you know the Father in heaven.
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