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Thank you for your kindly answers above
From an evangelical protestant perspective, the opposite of sin is not grace but faith. It is our faith (and not good deeds) that (by the Grace of God) removes sin. See Ephesians 3v8.
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the opposite of sin is virtue
surely in indian language hindi opposite of sin is paap.

Why should there be an opposite? If there is, it may be in the Bible or any other similar religious book that deals with these matters for those who take an interest in them. Personally, I couldn't care less.

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watever....but i need to know 2
The opposite of sin is "minus sin".
KooyeenThe opposite of sin is "minus sin".

So...the opposite of 10 well-scrubbed vegetarians is -10 well-scrubbed vegetarians?

(And not 10 grubby vegetarians?)

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Hi MrP,
well, it depends. You can move the minus sign, so if...
-(well-scrubbed) = grubby
...then the opposite of 10 well-scrubbed vegetarians can be expressed as 10 grubby vegetarians.

To show you what I mean with another simple exampl, we are going to find the opposite of 5 SoCal dumb blonde girls:

Opposite --> -(5 SoCal dumb blonde girls) = 5 SoCal (-dumb) blonde girls = 5 SoCal smart blonde girls

The key is understanding that adjectives and nouns are multiplied. And sorry for the above example, it's oversimplified, just to show how it works. That example is not correct in reality, since it involves a paradox. The last step is not allowed.

PS: to all SoCal girls out there: no offence intended. It's not my fault, it's just math. And if you understand that, you will definitely understand that... well, it's no use continuing this sentence (IF-condition makes it redundant).
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