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Wait a minute. -(well-scrubbed) = - well + scrubbed = scrubbed - well.

So, clean but sickly. Which is not at all the same as grubby.

I don't believe the 'minus' works in this case. Though I found an interesting para-sample

Sin is something the religious people claims that all people should have unexceptionally, except you're like god, but nobody does obviously... no one knows if 'sin' does really put into account but you assume that you at least have some quality of it because your religion said so and why you should be keep going back to your religion. It's like the 'life and death' sitsuation, where you only knew but don't know exactly how they work..

This is a para-example of life and death. Generally we would all agree one is the reverse* of the others, but 'death' in its own definition doesn't have the counter meaning of 'life', it simply says 'the absence of life' or 'loss of life'. If 'life' is 1 then 'death' is 0, but not -1. The counter meaning of 'life' doesn't literally exist. The similarity can be apply to the case of 'sin', the opposite of 'sin' should be just the 'absence' of it, not the opposite.

So I think it's just sinless, or innocence that someone had come up with, free of burden or something along that line. I wonder what would a scientologist say about this matter Emotion: smile -Terr
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MrPedanticWait a minute. -(well-scrubbed) = - well + scrubbed = scrubbed - well.
Hmm, I thought the hyphen in well-scrubbed was part of the name, and not a minus sign! Hmm, we'd better forget this stuff, it's getting complicated.

Seriously, I don't know what the opposite of sin is, and I think it doesn't exist and people just don't care. It's like asking what the opposite of computer is... What's the opposite of strawberry? And the opposite of George? LOL Emotion: wink
Maybe you could say "good thing" is the opposite of "sin"...
How about benovalence
Hi....As per Christianity there is no concept like good deeds or a virtue.Its there in Hinduism etc...In Hinduism its like Paap and punya...Paap is a sin....If one commits it he's destined to go to hell. If Punya dominates paap one goes to Heaven. In Hinduism Heaven does exist whereas in Christianity only Hell exists but heaven doesn't...All I'm saying is that as English is the language of Christianity dominated people they wouldn't have coined a term to something they dont consider about.
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AnonymousAs per Christianity there is no concept like good deeds or a virtue ... in Christianity only Hell exists but heaven doesn't...
These two statements are absolutely false. Please learn more about Christianity if you want to comment on it.
i write sins,not tragedy.just kidding!
the opposite to sin (noun) is virtue. the opposite to sin (verb) is atone.
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the opposite of sin (noun) is virtue. the opposite of sin (verb) is atone. one can be sinful or virtuous. one can sin by incorrect action, or one can atone by correct action.
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