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Hi Friends,

The Opposite Word of Sin is Virtue, Deed, MeritEmotion: smile
Once again, you can't commit a grace.
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Y cant it be'Heaven'
I think there no antonym of this word. A person either commits a sit or does not. The only possible opposite is "the absence of sin".

Let's draw the line here and stop repeating ourselves on this topic.
good deeds, i guess?
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It is unfortunate there is no word in english

But there is one in SANSKRIT Language, perhaps thjere may be one in Latin.

In Sanskrit Sin is PAAP

and Opposite of Sin is " PUNYA "

But Patchyboy is right in saying the closest is Virtue though it is opposite of Vice!

I suggest a word - SOULFUL DEED
maybe holy
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In newspeak the word would be un-sin. except there will be no word for sin pretty soon.
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