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The opposite word of sin is Goodwill.
hi clive,
you have solved a big puzzle.it was trubbling me for a long time.i
"it is very easy to commit sin but it is very hard to do gracce".
i have been searching the word "sin" in free dictionary for a long time.
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obedience is the opposite of sin
Try thinking of it this way. You can only be Virtueous, or sinful. A man's sin usually doesn't change, and neither does his virtues. A perfect balance is created, and this is what makes up a human. Our actions, our thoughts, and our way of living.

Sin really has no opposite, but is balanced out with virtues. So, Virtues are the opposite in some other way.
The opposite of sin is Grace, not virtue.
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If the opposite of sin (the state) is grace, then it follows that the opposite of sin (the act) is an act of grace. You can commit an act of grace. Beneficence and benevolence are two other words that are close to being antonyms of sin (the act).
Obedience, since sin is an offense to God and His word. Or I should say, Complete obedience to God. It can help to see God as a person whom we are able to have a regular relationship with. It's easy to understand that if I respond to my new friend, God, without concerning His thoughts or feelings, I will offend Him. If this continues, the less of a relationship will have. It's when I consider His thoughts, His values, His emotions, His definitions, and incorporate them into our relationship and life that I can expect an strong and intimate relation.The opposite of sin are all the levels of obedience to God. Not just to obey God's commands, but also to comply, follow, respond, agree, and of course summit. Its hard to say that "virtue" or "good deeds" are opposite of sin because our definitions of right and wrong may not always be the same as God's. Too many gray areas. We shouldn't only avoid sin because it's "wrong". We should avoid sin because it doesn't allow us to enjoy God.
How about righteousness?
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HI all.

actualy as in discussion i found different views regarding sin antnym , sin is basically religous term, and must be its opposit will be religious one, sin means act of bad reward, and its opposite as virtue i think very close act of good rewards. i found virtue is much close to sin antnym. in urdu sin is called (GUNAHH) AND VIRTUE IS CALL (NEEKEY). AND SAWAB IS THE RESULT OF VIRTUE.


salim khan
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