What is the opposite of sin? The closest I could find was Virtue. You can commit a Sin, but not a Virtue. So, is there another term that can be used here?
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A good deed?
The nearest is sinless. To some wholeness would represent a lack of sin. Hal the old anglo saxon word means whole hence the word holy. A very interesting question. Love to hear the theologian's version.
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Hi guys,

It's certainly a question for theology. Generally speaking, I'd consider the opposite of 'sin' to be 'grace'. If you are free of sin, you are in 'a state of grace', are you not?

Grammar sins are, of course, never forgiven.

Best wishes, Clive
You can commit a Sin, but not a Virtue. So, is there another term that can be used here?

I think the original poster is seeking a word for the opposite of a sin, not for the whole concept of sin. I don't think English really has such a word, except, as Pieanne suggested, good deed. In Judaism, you can "perform a mitzvah," which might be considered the opposite of committing a sin. Mitzvah is usually translated as "good deed," but actually it means "commandment." (We are commanded to perform good deeds - they're not considered optional!) Visiting the sick, honoring your parents, giving to charity, etc. are all examples of mitzvot, (or mitvahs, if you want to Anglicize the plural).

I'm afraid this doesn't help Patchyboy much - sorry. How about "virtuous deed"? You might say that when one is judged in the afterlife, his sins are weighed against his virtuous deeds. "Good deed" would be the more common expression.
Hi Khoff,

Loosely speaking, one can easily find words to describe the opposite of 'sin'. However, it's trickier if one wants to be more precise.

A 'sin' is essentially a religious term. On the other hand, a 'good deed' does not necessarily have to involve religion. A typical atheist, for example, would be uncomfortable with the idea of 'commiting a sin', but comfortable with the idea of 'doing a good deed'. In other words, you need to find an opposite that carries the heavy religious connotations of the word 'sin'.

Furthermore, I feel the word 'deed' is not appropriate. A sin is not necessarily a deed, but can rather be simply a thought or even a feeling. Consider, for example, envy or pride.

Best wishes, Clive
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I'm not quite sure about this, but according to the Dutch dictionary, the opposite of a sin is mortal sin. It is stated clearly that the latter is the antonym of sin. I have NO idea why.. I tried to find the antonym with Webster's dictionary, but without any results.. sorry

Welcome to the Forum.

No, a mortal sin is just a more serious sin, for example like using the present perfect incorrectly. (ha-ha)

Best wishes, Clive
I'm with Clive, if the word sin is referring to the state of being separated from God. Grace is the opposite of sin.
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