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Funny- serious answers to a serious question:

Soul is what made the difference between Nastassja Kinski and a red rose.
We have a soul because God wanted Nastassja Kinski to be different.
We have a body because we must see if we can slap somebody who’s annoying us, or not.
Animals having soul?
“ In front of a mirror walking up-down, a gazelle,
Next to it her favourite’s photo, Naomi Campbell.”
Different types of soul?
I believe I should consult Nietsche for this.
Soul growing?
It certainly can be made richer.
Soul having age?
No, definitely not. Rod Stewart singing on the radio at this moment.
Souls having feelings?
Naturally. Rod Stewart still singing “ Could I see you tonight?”
Yes, for sure. Rod Stewart still singing.
A poem is written for soulmates.
Selling our soul?
Yes, usually for money or sometimes to the Devil for other reasons.

do you know that i was always told that i looked like her. Rod's song sounds interesting. I don't think I have heard it, but if I have i would never remember its title. I am sure I would never sell my soul for money. I would have already done that a few times. You scare me,for which reasons would you sell yours? I like that line a lot, you know the one you mentioned before.
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Maj, I knew about you being called Nastassja Kinski. Felipe told me about that, who attended class D. in your school.( with the red scooter.)
What are you talking about? I have never had a student called Felipe.
You are worse than Hitch. He is a sweetheart compared to you.
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I bet you have sold your soul to the devil more than once.
You probably saw The Devil's Advocate. I have to admit sometimes I like to play this role, and use the effect that I have over people in a bad way. I made a confusion, it was Raul Herrera who told me that about Kinski.
Yes, i saw the film and I couldn't sleep very well that night. Who on earth is RH? Is he a singer? I have never had a student with such a name.
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I just saw a film with Nastassja Kinski on the HBO , she's still nice. it was about a rich guy being obsessed with her . Have you seen it?
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