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Hi Woodward,

Your post of Aug. 6 poses not one, but a series of questions.

I would be at a complete loss were it not for a slim volume entitled "My View of the World" by Erwin Schrodinger, published by Ox Bow Press. Schrodinger was of course a Nobel laureate in physics, but his first love may well have been philosophy.

In his View of the World, he attempts to answer (he doesn't claim a final answere) many of the questions. In the process the general reader is taken from hinduism, to platonism, to David Hume with some brief stops along the way. As I said, this is a slim volume.

I'd like to hear from anyone who has read it.

Thanks for this Shanghai, the book sounds really interesting. I will see if I can obtain a copy, it sounds like my type of book.
So, what are your views about this topic?
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Hi Woodward,

I think people generally can be divided into two groups. Those who have metaphysical leanings and those who are strict empiricists. The latter tend tend to point a disapproving finger at the former. But according to Schrodinger, this is unjustified. The scientist need only be reminded that the validity of the cause and effect relationship is accepted without proof in the strict sense of the word, and that the so called external world has never been observed.

My own leanings are toward some, not as yet clearly defined, ethical monism which can be derived from the Upanishads and the Bhagavad-Gita.
Shanghai, well that's 'one way' of looking at itEmotion: smile (sorry)

I agree with your first points, but there's been a tidy little debate going on about that since the days of Kant and Hume; actually since the Greeks to be fair..

IMHO leaving too many eggs in either philosophical, empirical or dogmatic baskets manifests contrived results; I like to 'go with the flow', see where things end-up, no fixed route..

can you provide us a short summary or a list or some sentences so that we (or I) could have a start to understand what comes from Upanishads and Bhagavad-Gita? Thanks.
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Hi Elena,

Yours is a tall order! I don't think there are many Phd's out there who would take on the task, and I'm certainly no scholar.

Erwin Schrodinger's slim volume "My View of the World" will give you some of the information you seek. It's conversational in tone, but still may require more than one reading. More comprehensive, but also readable is Heinrich Zimmer's "Philosophies of India."

If not in your local library, both are available from on line book sellers. Your investment in time and money will be well worth it.
ok Shanghai, noted down.
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WHAT?...You lost me there.....what brought that on?
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