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I sometimes wish my physical body and soul were not divorced.
Abramovici bought Mutu for 25 million. Has this man got a soul? He could have spent it on orphans or buying Madopar for Parkinsonian patients. Mutu's a moron. I've cracked, finally.Emotion: smileEmotion: smileEmotion: smile
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Who is Abramovici and Mutu?
Good question Woodward. Mutu's a halfoligophrenic footballer for whom Abramovici, the new Russian owner of Chelsea has just payed 25 million dollars. what does it have to do with the topic, about " The soul" ? Nothing . I just didn't understand the extremely high level discussion.Emotion: smileEmotion: smileEmotion: smile
Hi jaagy,

What do you say we substitute the word "self" for the word "soul." Only in this instance we want it with a capital-- Self.

You will have fun with the following:

1. Does there exist a Self?

2. Does there exist a world outside Self?

3. Does this Self cease with my bodily death?

4. Does the world cease with my bodily death?

These questions are posed by Erwin Schrodinger, Schrodinger being the Nobel laureate, in his little book entiltled "My View of the World." According to him these questions can't be ansered with any combination of "yes" and "no." An attempt to do so leads one in an endless circle. Without a solution " there can be no final peace for the metaphysical urge."

It is this urge, is it not, that motivates us?

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WoodWard; liked it, liked it a lot. Except for the 'time' thing; IMHO there is 'time' (without getting into a recursive ‘intellectual – metaphysical’ debate) it is simply the ability for things to experience change.
It should have been a question:
Is time a human invention to try and put things that we don't understand into catergories?
This topic about Time will be discussed in another thread Does time exist or is there only a NOW?
Hi Woodward,

I enjoy reading philosophy, but I have few philosophical convictions of my own.
According to the great Emanuel Kant, time is most certainly not a human invention.

The conception of time is apriori, in laymen's terms prior to all experience. This is also true of the conception of space. Time and space are dealt with in Kant's most famous work, "The Critique of Pure Reason."

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Unfortunately I am the other way around. I haven't read many things about philosophy though I love to play around with it. I haven't been influenced by any train of thought. I express what every happens to appear in my storm of thoughts. I admit that it changes sometimes as I find holes in my own theories but that's the best part, always perfecting yourself. I like to throw a topic around with friends to see what comes up. Other people's views on life are always fascinating.
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