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Hey i have a bit of a problem. I have lost my soul. Somebody might have stolen it, somebody might have found it, somebody has it. Could i have it back, please?
I am going out to see if I can find it. I might have lost in on the street.
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I just saw some beautiful "ratton" or " rattan" furniture. Is it for souls or bodies too? Does anyone know?
Your poems are lovely, but your narrative ... What do you mean?
I mean are they resistant enough for my 92 kilos?
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Does a soul have weight?
I read somewhere that at the moment that someone dies, they lose about 2 or kilos .
How can that be if the soul doesn't have form or weight?
I always imagine the soul as something etheral.
When I find mine, supposing I do, I'll tell you. Right now I am kind of floating in the air.
Sorry, friends, I can't chat on depressive topics like that. I'm lonely, poor, nobody loves me. So find funnier ones.
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How can you say that? I just told you sth very nice about your poems. I hardly ever do that.
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