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Hey, guys I think I found my soul. This whitish thing keeps popping up in threads I haven't posted anything saying new post. What should I do to get in back where it belongs? helppppp! }:)
We say we exchange words when we meet. What we exchange is souls.
(Minot J. Savage)
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Nice one, Woodward.

Yes, what are we, afterall, but a collection of ideas... thoughts,
so... when we exchange ideas we are interfacing our essences.
Yeah, I know
Our souls are kissing,
Our thoughts are mixing
Our eyes have died,
Our bodies are wishing.

Terrible! Could someone improve it, please. Pieter, please don't read it.
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Something to think about which I read today:

Flowers are the sweetest things that God ever made and forgot to put a soul into.
- (H. W. Beecher)
I am sorry that I made that rude post.
I have removed my unpleasant words now.

I will never do it again.
Is that a lost soul speaking?
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I agree with the moderator, who modearted us back to English. I just have to explain. The word I used, the on with F, was used in a poem. This poem, I mean the Hungarian verse, where instead of Hagi I used Puskas, was published in a very conservative style paper. It's about an American spectator watching Argentina- Romania in 1994 World Cup,( or English spectator watching England- Hungary in the Wembley, 1953) turning to another spectator. I tried to express something about the geniality of little Eastern European nations, against the pride and arrogance of superpowers.
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