"Feedback" is a noun. What is its verb?



These verbs are frequently collocated:

Give feedback.
Provide feedback.
Offer feedback.


brief, update, inform, apprise

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The closest verb which encompasses the act of creating feedback is "critique."

I critiqued his writing - I evaluated it and gave corrections and opinions.

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We can also say eg Please read this and feed your comments back to me but I don't hear that said much anymore.

Maybe that's where the term feedback originated.


PS I found this via google.

Feedback, which began as an open compound noun (feed & back), appears to have come from the slightly earlier use of back combined with feed used as a verb. When a cable grounds, the current at its end reverses; that is, flows into the cable (”feeding back”) instead of coming out of it.https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/the-history-of-feedback

The History of Feedback | Merriam-Webster

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CliveMaybe that's where the term feedback originated.

It came from the design of negative feedback loops in electronic and mechanical systems to stabilize an inherently unstable system. First usage was around 1910 in connection with design of aircraft control systems and in 1920 for radio transmitters. In this context, the word is mainly used as a noun modifier: e.g. feedback loop. / feedback coil.

In the earliest example that I found the compound word had not yet been coined; the words "feed and back" were separate. Feed-back is also used in a positive sense in signal amplification. (1914).


November 1923

The body has natural feedback systems, for example, in the regulation of hormones and body temperature.

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A sound system can develop feedback, that awful screech you get when the microphone is turned on. The verb for that is "to feed back".

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