Hello everyone!

There's a word on the tip of my tongue, and I can't think of what it is. I think it could be defined as a hateful crusade - a desperate attempt to continue to hate something, perhaps to such an extent that it seems irrational to others. It's right there but I can't quite get it!

In an attempt to clarify: It would be used in the following context.

"You, madam, go on about Judith to such an extent that one might almost be inclined to think that you are on some sort of hateful, seemingly irrational crusade against her."

Thanks in advance for any help with this annoying problem.

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Are you speaking of a jihad?
No, but thanks for trying!

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Just wanted to bump this as I am beginning to go insane in my dilemma.

It's an English word (or is at least in the English language).

Think along the lines of:



Damn, this is annoying! Emotion: smile

From Concise Oxford Thesaurus


noun a former employee with a grudge: GRIEVANCE, resentment, bitterness, rancour, pique, umbrage, dissatisfaction, disgruntlement, bad feelings, hard feelings, ill feelings, ill will, animosity, antipathy, antagonism, enmity, animus; informal a chip on one's shoulder.
It's not there Emotion: sad.

Don't worry, I've already raked the thesaurus search for related words to no avail!

I'm struggling to think of words which are alike to the one I want.

Imagine someone saying "What is your problem with bananas? It's like you have some crazy _____ against them".

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I think that "vendetta" may be the word I was looking for, although I'm not entirely sure.


It's too strong for poor bananas, isn't it? Emotion: wink
"vendetta" occurred to me too, as well as "obsession" -- although of course an obsession is not necessarily hateful.
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