what is ur fav. kind of fruit ?

orange ?

strawberry ?

watermelon ?

green grape ?

black grape ?

red apples ?

green apple ?

broken heart

The Charm of his Face Filled with grace, Deep loving eyes with Wonderful smile[L]
Seedless watermelon. [H]


'Nothing from the ground is good enough.'.
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red apple

mmmmmmmm ymy ymy ^_*


(( emarian girl ))

I like red apple, strawberry, orange and ....

hey could anyone guide me how to upload these much photos ???

I'm helpless...

Those photos really made my mouth water.

On a hot suuny day my favourite fruit is juicy cool watermelon, but I like most fruit.
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eumm i like them all[6]thank you to share the delicious fruits with us:)now i m more hungry than everytime!