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Probably. Emotion: big smile But I still suspect they just wanted to warm themself in the cold weather.

Joking aside. Emotion: stick out tongue

Japanese traditional sports are Sumo, Judo, Kendo, Karate, etc. I thought Sumo is the national sport because Sumo-wrestling matches go on the air almost every day. But it seems that no particular sport has been specified by law. I wonder if it's true.
Baseball and football are popular as well.
BKloveAnd what sport is the most popular in your country?

In Korea,

Taekwondo is the national sport.

Soccer is one of popular games as well as Taekwondo.



"Hockey" is our national game.
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In China it should be pingpong and badminton for sure.
they're cool sports!
yeah, and i play badminton well.
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Emotion: smile that's cool!!!