I work as a newspaper journalist. Could you tell me what do you do? Do you like your job?

Cheer :-)

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Well, mine is not a full-time job, for I'm still attending school.

Whatever, I work as a porter. Emotion: big smile

I am a writer.
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To YoHf: but you haven't told me whether you enjoy it? :-) My husband for example dreams about being a postman when he will be older ;-))

To Grammar Geek: How did you begin? What were your first steps to become a writer? My questions may seem naive but I am genuinely interested in it.

Best wishes,

TEACHER.... The next semester would be my third one in teaching (long experience lol!!) . As for enjoying it, I don't really know.It's tiresome, no doubt and I think a teacher should be an effective and active one. In brief, he/she should be distinguished and patient. And I feel that the art of teaching is something intrinsic. It's a heavy burden indeed. I don't know if I am quilifed enough but I can't deny that I have acquired a lot of skills during the last two semesters. I find this job hard may be particularly because of my young age (I am only 24).

Woooooow it seems that I write a long paragragh to express my feelings about my job and I know that you are not interested in this. So sorry for it.Emotion: zip it


P.S Divine... my dad works as a journalist as well. He adores his job. Although he works hard and always gets home tired and late, but I sense the gleam in his eyes after all. He is so devoted. That's why I usually reconsider my postion.Emotion: thinking
Oh Divine.... I forget to ask you the same question you asked: Do you like your job???
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I am just a students........Emotion: crying
DivineTo YoHf: but you haven't told me whether you enjoy it? :-)

I thought that was obvious. I just do things that I like doing. [H]


NurseEmotion: smile
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