I am american and would like to see all of your views on our culture. Drop down a line or two.
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I see it as a culture that embraces the shallow things in life. Youth, beauty, wealth. You do not respect wisdom or age. (Same here in Australia by the way.) You are a wealthy country, yet do not take care of your sick or poor. I get the impression that you do not provide good eduction to your poor. You are very self focused and narrow minded, unaware of the world beyond what affects you. Your freedom of speech is a valuable thing to be treasured and it appears that you do.

That is my impressions of your culture. Individual Americans that I have met are almost always lovely, caring, intelligent people. The Americans I have met are all people who have travelled as far as Australia or to Asia. I am aware that I have never been to the U.S.A. and that these are the impressions I get are mainly from talking to Americans on the internet and from news, T.V. etc.
Robin, I think though you've never been in the US you're quite right about what you said.

I have been struck by the way of life here. People are really busy, but focused on their jobs and their own private lives. People are welcome to chat and joke but relationships don't go any further; they give you a friendly first impression but after that relationships get stuck and remain at a shallow state. American make also a cult of their celebrities, people who are sometimes made famous for critical reasons, and seeing the significant number of poors in the country, it's quite sickening.
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Well, I feel that I have to.. umm.. sort of stand up for the U.S.

Yes, I am a member of the United States, but I feel I should go ahead and give an answer to this question. I live in what we all call the 'South', namely southern Oklahoma. I believe that there is a differnce in 'culture' in the united states itself. The differnce being in the South and the north. Normally when someone hears the word 'south' they think of a place where people marry their cousins, live out in no mans land, and (if you are thinking of Oklahoma) also live in tents with tons of indians. This, is partly true, but mostly false. None of us marry our cousins... thats just too weird to imagen. I don't know anyone who is an indian or who lives in a tent. However, most of my friends do own horses and cattle, and we all are often found saying things such as 'ya'll' and sayings that no one has ever heard of, like 'Do go on!, I do declare, Go hog wild, and go to bed with the chickens,'.

Now, what we all think of the North is.. umm... well, yankies that are all rich and too busy to take in life. They all care only for themselves and tend to.. er.. be rude and have 'sick, gum chewing, accents' (my friend's words). Down here, we all believe that northern people are rude and just... not very likeable. Too busy, too rich, too... unforgiving. But I don't know much about it. I think that most notherners need to sit back and just take a good look at life. Relax.

America as a whole is.. yes, rather rich, and.. we do tend to forget our poor. However, we don't simply think of ourselves. We are at war currently- trying to save people and give them the freedom that we all have. Now, I don't know how well thats all going, but we are trying. And its what we normally do. Our education is getting better- the government provides the money for children to go to public schools. But, we're not all 'rich' or 'poor'. The 'significant number' of us are middle classmen, just barely making it- but surviving.

Now, I don't know how easy all this was to understand, and that the question was just aout the US and not the north and south (but I felt, again, that to answer the question you had to include them), but I did try my best to point out our ups and our downs. ^^

Oh, I almost forgot to say: on the friend thing. NO! All of my friends and I are as close as any one can get. We all give each other hugs and love and would give our lives for another if we had too. The shallowness you think we have, we don't.
Okay for one I live in southern Illinois, which is not the south or the north. The south is just as self-involved as the north midwest or west. Look at Atlanta, Birmingham, New Orleans. All cities are like that not just the ones in the north.
The town I live in is pretty small, so its all farmland and countryside here.
I hate the impression Americans give on foreign countries. Not ALL people are rude and shallow in the United States. I admit alot are, but I'm not . . . what to say about that huh? There is more to the United States than its huge metropolitan cities, and its shallow rude inhabitants. I went to New York last year for a choir trip, THOSE PEOPLE ARE THE RUDIST HUMAN BEINGS ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH! I've been all over the country and found that its just everywhere, Some people are rude and some aren't. Try to keep an open mind about Americans. We all aren't evil shallow creeps.

(by the way I just noticed the whole title was suppose to 'what are you thoughs' not 'what is your thoughts' Boy I feel like a jackass)
you r right brendan,,i don t think that all americans are evil,,but petfriend6 says that they bring freedom to the world,,how is it? every nationality have a chance to think about their future by themselves,i think.. you can t take it by war,,your government educates your people in one way,their way.. i think that world go bad,,and it causes by us government,,so every people think about us government first,not us people, when you call usa..
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As a Chinese who has never been in US, I am not qualified to say any bad words on US. The country used to be, now still is and will go on being in future a Paradise for many many of Chinese. A shortage can be useful only when it is discovered by its owner. Politically, American enjoy more freedom and human rights and US is the greatest power in the world; Economically, generally speaking no one dare to say US is poor; Culturally, US has created a miracle in culture by such a short history that nearly every other culture can find his trails here and melt into the special US culture as harmoniously as it can.

As far as an American individual is concerned, just like every other person living on the globe, he holds his own particular personality. In general, American seems full of energy and passion. I admire them in this respect.
yes,,as i ve said,people mention about the government or dream country!!..i wanna to meet the personalities from us different from holywood movies,,cose i m curious about the mind.. us is the locomotive of technology and science now,it s so fine for world,but i don t like their effect on traditional cultures,literatures or musics..because i think that us culture(or shown us-i know) depends on popularity..but i don t wanna to talk so generally,because i ve listened a singer two years ago,named jimmie rodgers-kisses sweeter than wine,and became my favourite..
True. Popularity is a big issue here, and it's sad. You know to alot of us, we like our government, but alot of times we don't like the way it is ran by the people in office. Like at this moment, Sorry but I can't stand President Bush and want him out of office. He's a waist of time and money, and is a murderer in my opinion. Hundreds of troops snf innocent civilians are being slaughtered over there, and I don't agree with this whole war situation. But to stay off teh subject of politics.

Take it from my view. I live in a low-middle income family in an inpovrished area of the United States.(by US terms Impovrished) I can barely find a job and the Gas prices are rising so high that I have a feeling in a few decades our economy could collapse if it is not brought under control. Everyone is stressed, Cancer is at an all time high, and alot of us are stuck in the middle.

Hell im moving to England.
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