Do you agree with this statement:


Phrases consisting of "to be" or "to have" followed by an adverb
and a participle are *** split infinitives, and constitute the
natural word order. "To generally be accepted" and "to always have
thought" are split infinitives; "to be generally accepted" and "to
have always thought" are not.
Hello Milky

I would agree. When people talk about a 'split infinitive', they usually mean that something has been inserted between the 'to' and the base form of the verb ('to really understand', etc).

In your examples, 'to be accepted' is a passive infinitive, which consists of 'to be' + past participle, while 'to have thought' is a perfect infinitive, which consists of 'to have' + past participle.

In both cases, other words can be inserted between 'to have/to be' and the participle.

Thanks. I agree totally - or is that "totally" agree?

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