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Finest green is indeed the best marijuana. Fat stacks is alot of money "fat stacks of cash from dealing drugs on the corner. and Stroked the Phattest Dimes implies he slept with many women before he broke their hearts. Stroked being sex phat meaning neat and dimes being women. Dime is an older slang for like a 10 on the hot scale, this is why prostitutes are sometimes refered to as daddies dimes, daddy being the pimp and dimes being the working girls.
I was wondering about the "fattest dimes" reference. This is the most logical explanation that I've read here.
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finest greed + marijuana; dimes + dime bags of whatever, small, one gram dosages of controlled substances: fat stacks + $20s, $50s, an $hundreds. Fat stacks of cash.

His lyrics say fattest dimes that's old school for fat girls they had to eat dime bars to keep their girth. Dime bars like fat women were soft in the outside and crunchy on the inside. I really guess it's all in what he really means phat or fat

Dime = 10

When you say she's a 10, that means hot.

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