Hi teachers,

Is it right this question according to the given answer?

Is there another possible question for the same answer?

What kind of photos were they?

They were yellow and old.

Thanks in advance
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The question is a valid one that matches the answer.

And yes there are infinite more questions that fit the answer.
i.e. What kind of pictures were they? What kind of letters were they? etc

You can basically do:
What kind of ___[Insert plural noun here]__ were they?
But whatever noun you choose it should make sense in context to the yellow and old

Also there are infinite more sentence structures you can use so don't think you're restricted to just that.
Given the answe , the question, in my opinion, should be " what condition were the photos in?"

What kind of photos were they? > They were family/ wedding/ graduation pictures.
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Thank you so much YuQiLin. That was quite an answer!Emotion: clap
No problem I'm glad to help
Hi teachers,

Now I have two possible questions and I don't know which is the correct one.

Can anyone help me decide and tell me why?

Thanks in advance
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As explained above, there can be more than one question that leads to a given answer.
Do you understand that?

Yes, I do. Now I got it. Both of them are correct, aren't they?

Thank you very much.
Sorry, so I can say:

a) What kind of photos were they?

b) What condition were the photos in?

and answer:

They were yellow and old.
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