The grammar book I have says that both of the two phrases, or "what kind of" and "what kinds of," are acceptable in the case where countable nouns are followed by them.

In daily conversation, however, which do you prefer to use, between "what kind of " and "what kinds of"?


What kind of books do you read?


What kinds of books do you read?

Do you consciously choose any of the two phrases?

Thank you.
I unconsciously choose the singular when I am imaging one kind and the plural when I am imaging more than one kind.
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I got it. I'll choose either of the singular or the plural, depending on the situation.

Thank you for your answer.
I can't speak authoritatively, because I have never found a recognised source which answers this question satisfactorily, but I prefer to say "What kind of book do you read?" (select a single genre) or "What kinds of book do you read?" (select more than one genre). I think that in the second instance 'book' is used as a collective noun (rather like 'people'). I don't think I would ever use two plurals, i.e. kinds of books.