It is a quote from a BBC news article :

If these reports are confirmed we object to this senseless killing of people who have done nothing but serve the poor.

It sounds strange for me that "If these reports are confirmed" is followed by "we......."
I need some explanation.
I very much doubt that "we" refers to the BBC. They're probably quoting some ill-spoken spokesman.

One would expect, "If these reports are confirmed, we shall do X."

He's saying, "If it's true, we object to it. If it's not, we don't."
There's also a tense problem, because he implies that the reports are as yet unconfirmed. So he's saying in effect that if they're confirmed in the future, we object to it now. Emotion: rolleyes
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Do you mean that it is grammatically flawed after all?
(An International Assistance Mission spokesman)

Yes - I guess a small flaw: I suppose technically it should be, "If these reports are confirmed, we will object etc.", but that's quite awkward too. It should be reworded.

But people often get into these traps when speaking impromptu.