Do you love deeply? Do you let your loved-one be free?? What kind of lover are YOU?
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DJ Bueno,

Each love are different, I mean everytime you fall in love, this love will be different from the previous ones. I do love deeply and most of all at the beginning, nevertheless sometimes it seems that I just feel well with the other one. To love someone deeply is a huge impact I think. One of my friend used to tell me that she's never felt in love. Obviously, she did few years ago, but because they 'd broken up, she sweared that she will never again.

If u love, really deeply, someone and if he/she doesn't feel the same, then, what's up?Tell us how u do love DJ Bueno?
Well,I want to express my feelings via one the poems that I wrote for someone special.I hope you like it,too.Here it is;

Beyond the peaks of the huge mountains,

There is an area which is surrounded by kindness

Rumour has it that; one's love couldn't fit into her heart

And proceeded toward this boundless yard.

Above the snow-white clouds of the heavens

Some attachments of her polish the rainbow colours.

After the rain,sometimes this masterpiece occurs,

However no one is aware of the aforesaid love's works.

In the depths of the vastly large oceans

There is an invisible submarine which helps purifying the waters,

It may seem to be impossible and nonsense

'cause it's a bit hard to know much about her love's deepness.

Through the cool flows of the waterfalls

That are spilling into the warm and cosy meadows

And then move forward to the picturesque brooks,

There are colossal glitters of her love that nobody knows.

The nature is swarming with the miracles in any hour

Owing to the waterfalls,rainbow colours and her love in particular

People wonder "What's the source of this affection,

Whose existence can make her so happier?"

Therefore I'll tell them to thank to you...

written by Gökçe DUMAN (Dj Bueno)
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Dj BuenoDo you love deeply?

I think so. I mean, I try ... but I think this is a bit like asking 'How long is a piece of string?' isn't it?

Dj Bueno Do you let your loved-one be free??

Yes! Oh yes! In fact, I never restrain them in the first place. That kind of monkey business is just not cricket!

Dj Bueno What kind of lover are YOU?

I'm a straight 'meat and potatoes' man. Well ... except for that one time when I had forgotten to go to the veggie shop. Erm ... there was just one other time when the cement helicopter wouldn't start and I had to use galvanised scaffold planks while my friend went to get some gas.

But hey, enough about me/us. Please tell us a little about yourself, Dr Bueno. Emotion: smile
Dj Bueno
What kind of lover are YOU?

Dear Dj Bueno,

I am red-hot.

Kind regards, Emotion: smile

Thank u very much for your replies Emotion: smileYes Mike,in fact it's like asking the length of a string but I just wanted 2 learn everyone's opinion.Ok let me talk about myself...

I can't help thinkin of that special personevery moment,every jiffy.....I feel that s.p. in my veins,in my blood slowly proceedin to my heart...Whenever I see someone in the street I mix them with that s.p.I absolutely love deeply...So deeply that u cannot imagine..If that s.p. person looks unhappy,then it means it's time for my heart to weep.It's time to mourn... I LOVE THAT s.p so deeply that every moment I try to invent or make sth. for that special one.I regard that person as a fragile being and I always try to do my best to be able to keep that person up in the sky...Over the moon Emotion: smile Yeah...
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Wow, that's great Dj Bueno!
That's probably the best and most selfless feeling there is. It's a feeling that DOES change the world Emotion: big smile
Hello there!
〖...asking 'How long is a piece of string?'...〗
I didn't know this expression until now. Google search referred me at first to some mathematician's book on 'super string theory,' so I got shocked (to understand your discussion I have to master it..?). Then I found a better site, 【】It's a witty phrase! Thank you, Mike.

I don't know it closely concerns Dj Bueno's question or not (probably not, I'm afraid), but let me quote my favorite passage: a married couple's conversation at the morning of their son's wedding (simply .. because I like it).
(Dr Gibbs) I was remembering my wedding morning, Julia.
(Mrs Gibbs) Now don't start that, Frank Gibbs. (...)
 [Pause. Dr Gibbs starts laughing.]
(Dr Gibbs) Julia, do you know one of the things I was scared of when I married you?
(Mrs Gibbs) Oh, go along with you!
(Dr Gibbs) I was afraid we wouldn't have material for conversation more'n'd last us a few weeks.
 [Both laugh.]
 I was afraid we'd run out and eat our meas in silence, that's a fact .. Well, you and I been conversing for twenty years now without any noticeable barren spells.
(Mrs Gibbs) Well .. good weather, bad weather .. 'tain't very choice, but I always find something to say.

Dj Bueno! I envy your passion, that's the way to go.
Emotion: big smile thanks Mike...and Roro...good one thanks u too Emotion: smile
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