Hi all,

What in your opion is the best Linux Os for Linux beginners? I was thinking of either Mandrake or fedora.

Please explain your choice in detail, if possible.

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It depends on what you wish to learn. I think either of them should do good. If you wish to make use of the open source then you need extensive system knowledge. If it is just for your regular use - ie browsing,mail,documentation then either versions would do.

I have Red-Hat linux installed and my oracle server runs on it. You also get good support from Red-Hat.
Hi El Hefe,

Mandrake is probably slightly easier to set-up then Red Hat (Fedora), but whichever you choose, be prepared for lots of time to tinker.
It's pretty convenient to choose and instal your apps at set-up time rather than add them later - and the choice of apps and functions is mind-boggling!

Until you get the hang of installing, it's not a bad idea to unplug any existing system disks and experiment with an old disk. It's way easy to overwrite and/or format existing system disks by mistake!

Here is a great source of info; http://www.tldp.org / The Linux Documentation Project

The reason for choosing these two distributions is the huge amount of bundled apps, and ease of instalation.

As you probably know, you can download the required images for Mandrake and RedHat free in both CD and DVD sizes. (sorry, I don't have addies handy, but if you have trouble finding them let us know)
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Here you go Emotion: smile

If you have the time and bandwidth, it might be an idea to D/L both and then spend a weekend mucking around until you get more familiar with them. A couple of months ago I did 12 instalations (back and forth between Fedora and Mandrake) in one weekend, with different RPM choices each time. I finally settled on Mandrake. I have, by the way, since been able to load certain (certainly not all) software packages into Mandrake from the Fedora disk.

Good luck!
Thanks very much for all your repliesEmotion: smile

I'll be installing Linux on a virtual machine (VmWare Workstation), will i still have troubles with overwriting the system files for my devices on my host machine?
You will still have to create and format A FEW (min. 3 I think) partitions for linux.
Just be SUPER careful.
I've stuffed two systems this way, but then I'm not really a very good I.T. bod (don't know anything about VmWare and the like) and I tend to be quite gung-ho with new toys. I guess if you have everything backed-up you won't have much to lose.
Good luck Hefe Emotion: smile
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Cheers Mike

I'll keep you posted.

Listen, you might want to get your hands on a copy of VmWare Workstation. It's a really cool program where you can install multiple operating systems on one machine and run them at the same time. That way you don't muck up your main operating system when you want to play around with others. I first tried Microsoft's Virtual Machine, but it’s nowhere near as stable as VmWare Workstation (no surprise there!), plus the networking capabilities are a lot better too.

I installed Server 2003 with Sql 2000 on a virtual machine and it really helped me with developing and testing. I also think that it will come in handy for linux users too, that way you can keep the host operating system and its files isolated, and seeing that 90% of the world's computers run on windows, even if Linux is your main Os, you never know when you need to quickly do something in windows.

Thanks for the info El Hefe.

I'm running a multiple boot on my play machine now, but if I'm reading you correctly VmWare might let me switch between O.S.s without rebooting, right? That would be mightily handy!

Again, thanks for the info. I'll give it a try.
In a nutshell, VmWare will let you have multipile operating systems running at the same time. So for instance, If your host machine has Xp installed and you have a virtual machine with, lets say Server 2003, You can open up vmware, boot Server and have a window within Xp that contains Server!

You really have to see it to believe it.
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