The excerpt is from the poem From Hands: Mother's Day by Nikki Giovanni

"Some people think a quilt is a blanket stretched across a Lincoln bed.. or from frames on a wall..a quaint museum piece to be purchased on Bloomingdale's 30 day same-as-cash plan..Quilts are our mosaics..Michele Angelo's contribution to beauty..we weave a quilt with dry, rough hands..quilts are the way our lives are lived..we survive on patches..scraps..the leftovers from a materially richer culture..the throwaways from those with emotional options..we do the far more difficult job of taking that which nobody wants and not only loving it..not only seeing its worth..but making it lovable..and intrinsically worthwhile"
I'm not sure what the literary devices that are used are can someone point them out to me?
Here are some of the basic literary devices used:
definition by use of examples (blanket, museum piece)

central metaphor (making a quilt = gathering discards into new whole, quilt=our lives)
rhetorical use of language (building to a climax: not only, not only, but...)

I hope this helps.
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Here is a huge list of literary devices to help you out

http://literary-devices.com /

imagery "we weave a quilt with dry, rough hands"